Captain Ron; Our adventure today and swimming with the Dolphins was the best thing I have ever done. Thank
you so much for providing my children with a memorable experence in Hawaii.  Tara, Las Vegas
Captain Ron
We will most definitely give you a call when we come back to Hawaii. We want to do the dolphin swim and the kids believe it or not, said the Manta snorkel was the best part of their vacation. Even Michael who was scared "1/2 out of his life" said the Manta's were by far the best! They want to do it again, so give Manny a heads up, he may want to call in sick that day.
  Hi Ron,
I'm sure you had another wonderful day with the dolphins!  I would love to have the CD with the photos of this fantastic 1rst of January! What a start into a new year!
I wish you a fantastic time with tourists and dolphins and whales and will certainly contact you when I come again...
Sieghilde, Australia 
Ron Gittins
Coral Reef Snorkel & Dive Adventures of Kona
My parents and I had the experience of a lifetime today, and we are SO glad we saw the brochure in which your dolphin snorkeling adventure was mentioned! We would have missed out on the highlight of our trip! Captain Ron and Beth Anne were so kind, and they accommodated our every need during the trip...from the snacks to their knowledge of the beautiful dolphins and marine life, they did it all. We couldn't have asked for better service!

During our adventure, we saw the rare spotted dolphins on the way to the prime snorkeling spot!  We swam with hundreds of dolphins beside us, beneath us, in front of us...they were everywhere! It was a real up close and personal experience, and we felt a connection with the dolphins. They were fearless, as were we, although there was absolutely nothing to be afraid of in the water. Lunch, and the snacks on the boat were fabulous! (Captain Ron's wife is an amazing cook!) 

I told my parents this was the best thing I have done in my entire life, and I will cherish the happy memories forever. These words don't do my heart justice, as no words can truly express my gratitude (and my parent's), but THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! What a wonderful way to spend our last day in Kona, Hawaii, and to celebrate my parents' 25th wedding anniversary and my graduation!

Sincerely, Kali Newlen, (age 18) Mark and Kim Newlen (Richmond, VA)


 It was wonderful. We are off to the beach today. Ya'll were wonderful and extremly kind. Loved all of the insight to the island and fish. It was the crown jewel of our vacation. 
Thank you. Misty
Kona Dolphins

Dolphin watching.
swim with dolphins
Dolphins on bow of boat
Our guests today had a special treat. We were able to not only swim with 200+ dolphins but also had Big Bertha and a small Manta. We stayed with the Mantas for a half hour with her swimming back and forth in front of or snorkelers. What a wonderful day.

Big Bertha